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What a real man want in a relationship………my point of view @21st century

This is an important question and it is one of the reason why man doesn’t give too easily with good women at times. Most of the Men’s have experienced unexplained feeling when they gets emotionally attached, someone special disappears or doesn’t respond back much as time goes on. Consistency in someone special’s behavior builds this trust in Men’s heart for her. Most of the good men’s like someone in their life who’s not scared of her own choices and is willing to let go for her ambitions. They like the way in which a girl never feel afraid to talk about her interests, hobbies, etc.
Now a days, man need more than girl’s beauty to fall in love with her because beauty will fade after some time but bonding (that holds the relationship) lasts forever…
A strong man want someone in his life who intellectually challenges him, makes him think and encourages for that one last push when he really need it . It’s a mutual feeling that is different every time, we can’t explain but can feel it.

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Faith and Trust: A philosophical point of view

Now a days, people seems to have more faith in chatting and gossip rather than in knowledge and freedom. When someone says something bad to us, we immediately believe it and our mind becomes more disturbed. At that time, we will start feeling emotionally weak although that’s not the part of our personality. In this situation, we should shift our faith to silence.
“True faith” is the beginning for anything which results in to “confidence”. Faith in our-self brings freedom and makes our life beautiful.
Trust is important in every relationship, but it is dangerous too if our partner betray us. Still trust is important because it allows us to form strong relationships with people for love, for advice, for help, etc. especially in those conditions when we know that no one from outside give us such things.

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