A Healthy Conversation and Flow of Thoughts about Lord Krishna…

One day some people told me that Lord Krishna is his/ her god. They told me Lord Krishna is their supreme lord and they love him. They told me that Lord Krishna is supreme; “only when he himself want to reveal himself then can anybody know something about him..like the way he revealed himself to Arjun.”  So I asked them who were the three persons…. understands lord krishna and their “Maya”. Also they started to justify their answers by telling what they have read in Bhagvad Gita i.e. I (Lord Krishna) am completely under their control..meaning under the control of his devotees (Gopiya). After listening their point of view, I told them, According to me only three persons lord Krishna ko samajhte hain…………….. 1. Uddhav, a good friend and a true guide ; 2. Maa Radha, true love of Lord Krishna ; 3. Arjuna, the great kshatriya warrior, devotee and a true follower of Lord Krishna. But seriously that was the fire conversation full of counter arguments but a amazing flow of good thoughts and spirituality between us.

Kuch persons kehte hain they are spiritual and they love Lord Krishna from the bottom of their heart. Again kehte hai they   like/ love different person based on their qualities but they always repeat their love is true for that true. My question from those persons is that they Love their “favorite” Lord Krishna for their qualities but not for their kinship. So this love can’t be true.  Also the love that comes out of familiarity (again based on qualities) grows. For example, you are more comfortable with an old friend who is a familiar person, rather than a new person. But this love has no thrill, no enthusiasm, no fire in it and their is a boredom or jealousy after few years..
The most powerful and true one is “Divine love” (soul connection with a person or with a god). The closer you come (but it depends on you, how you take and feel it), the more charm and depth is there. Divine love has comfort, familiarity and enthusiasm and there is never boredom. Divine love is like the sky-limitless, infinite; really unconditional and true.

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